FREE Holder with Coaster Set Purchase




FREE Holder with Full Coaster Set Purchase (4 or more coasters).


  • Depending on what type of coasters you buy (squared, rounded, or layered epoxy) and size (such as 4 set or 6 set) we will send the appropriate Coaster holder.
  • If you order more than 6 coasters, you will receive just one holder as a free Gift (it holds 6 coasters max). If this becomes an issue, we may create a side loaded coaster holder that can hold more, but our most common order usually only includes a set of 4 coasters.
  • The provided coaster holder for standard sets is generic and comes in black, but layered epoxy coasters will include a holder themed to the set purchased.
  • If you would like additional, themed, or specialty coaster holders, you can either put in a Custom Order Request or purchase one from our shop.

Please enjoy your free Gift, and thank you for your order!


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